Hello! My name is Sara, and this is my blog (but you knew that).

About me:

Gosh darn, I always find these kinds of sections to be hard to describe. Well, let’s see… I’m a twenty-something college student looking for money (like every other college student), I’m a little confused regarding my life’s direction, and to be honest, I’m not completely sure why I started this blog. But I’m hoping that as time wears on, these things will come to light.

Oh yeah! I love to craft and organizing has become at least one of my missions. I live with my parents and family at the moment, and also love anime (So much that I avoid it for fear of never doing anything, ever).

About my blog:

I want a lot of things out of this blog. I want to show off my business(es), talk about my adventures in crafting and learning, and have a place to record some of the more interesting things that go on in my life. Hopefully, eventually, I will have established my blog as a place to do these things. For now, welcome to my work in progress!

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